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Journal Papers

  1. Gillie, M., Dahli, R., Saunders, F.C. and Gibson, A. (2017) Use of rich-media resources by engineering undergraduates. European Journal of Engineering Education.

2. Saunders, F.C., Gale, A.W. and Sherry, A.H. (2016) Responding to uncertainty: evidence for high reliability practices in large-scale, safety-critical projects. International Journal of Project Management, 34, 7, p1252-1265

3. Saunders, F.C., Sherry, A.H. & Gale, A.W. (2016) Dualities and dilemmas: contending with uncertainty in safety-critical projects, Construction Management and Economics.

4. Saunders, F.C., Gale, A.W. & Sherry, A.H. (2016) Mapping the Multi-faceted: determinants of uncertainty in safety-critical projects, International Journal of Project Management 34,6, p1057-1070 DOI: 10.1016/j.ijproman.2016.02.003

5. Saunders, F.C. (2015) Toward high reliability project organising in safety-critical projects, Project Management Journal 46,3, p25-35 DOI: 10.1002/pmj.21498

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6. Saunders, F.C., Gale, A.W & Sherry, A.H. (2015) Conceptualising Uncertainty in safety-critical projects: a practitioner perspective, International Journal of Project Management, 33,2, 467-478. DOI:10.1016/j.ijproman.2014.09.002

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7. Saunders, F.C. & Hutt, I. (2014) Enhancing large-class teaching: a systematic comparison of rich-media materials. Higher Education Research and Development, DOI: 10.1080/07294360.2014.911261

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8. Saunders, F. C. & Gale, A. W. (2012), Digital or didactic: using learning technology to confront the challenge of large cohort teaching. British Journal of Educational Technology, 43: 847–858.

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Conference Papers

  1. Gillie,M., Dahli,R., Saunders, F.C.& Gibson, A. (2016) How engineering undergraduates use rich-media resources. 6th International Symposium for Engineering Education, Sheffield, July 2016

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2. Saunders, F.C. (2015) Illuminating the unknown: mapping project uncertainty in civil nuclear infrastructure. European Project Organising Conference, Edinburgh, June 24th –26th 2015.

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3. Saunders, F.C., Gale, A.W. & Sherry. A.H. (2015). Mapping the multifaceted: identifying the determinants of uncertainty in safety-critical projects. European Academy of Management, Warsaw, June 17th -20th 2015.

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4. Rubner, G. & Saunders,F.C. (2014) Student perspectives on formative feedback: An exploratory comparative study. International Symposium on Engineering Education. Manchester, 13th-14th September 2014

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5. Saunders, F.C., Gale, A.W. & Sherry. A.H. (2013). Confronting uncertainty: perceptions and practices of project managers in safety-critical industries. EurOMA Conference, Dublin, June 7th-12th 2013.

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6. Saunders, F.C., Gale, A.W. & Sherry. A.H. (2013) Understanding project uncertainty in safety-critical industries. PMI Global Congress, Istanbul, April 22nd -25th 2013.

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7. Saunders, F.C. & Hutt, I. (2012) Richness,responsiveness and relationship: Using rich media materials to enhance teaching of core concepts. Innovation Practice and Research in Engineering Education: -. eScholarID:170327

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8. Saunders, F.C., Jasper, M., Whitton, P. (2010) Promoting collaborative learning in engineering management education through the use of wikis: -. eScholarID:140521

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9. Saunders, F.C. & Gale A. W. (2010) Using Web 2.0 in Large Cohort Project Management Education: Panacea or Empty Promise: – eScholarID:140518

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